Lavorazione Pomodori

food safety


We are committed to providing our customers a quality product that complies with all legislative requirements in terms of traceability and food safety.
To this end, our greenhouses and packing warehouse are certified according to the food industry.
The certifications are divided into three categories: ethical, food handling, and production.

specific packaging



global g.a.p.






1. customer specifications

Tomatoes are selected and packed according to the specifications of our customers. We hire specialized personnel to carry out the quality control, so that these requirements are fully respected.

Selezione Pomodori

2. traceability

The certificates, the residual analyzes and the complete traceability of the products from field to fork enable us to guarantee our customers and consumers healthy and safe tomatoes.

eco friendly packaging

lavorazione pomodoro magazzino

We are committed to reducing plastic during the production and packaging stages by replacing it with products from sustainable and environmentally friendly sources. Furthermore, we only work with certified raw material suppliers.

3. quality control

Due to our perpetual control and monitoring, we are able to guarantee high quality standards. The structure, equipped with packaging lines and cold rooms, allows the logical route of the goods, from entry to exit.

controllo qualità pomodori

4. shelf-life

A sample of each batch packed and shipped is monitored for 10 days in the shelf-life to check the transformations in the characteristics of the tomatoes.