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premium cherry tomatoes

The O.P. Vittoria Tomatoes is one of the leading producers of premium cherry tomatoes on the vine during the winter season.
We supply, beyond the domestic market, the major supermarket chains in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, and Ireland.
Crunchy, consistent, and with a sweet and aromatic taste, these premium cherry tomatoes have a high Brix level, an intense red color, uniform clusters, and perfectly spherical fruit.
Through this range, we want to highlight the typicality of the territory where they are born, transmitting the emotions of a work done with passion and attention.

This excellent Italian tomato has conquered the consumers with its crunchiness, shining color, and overwhelming flavor. The tomato fruits have an intensely sweet juice, and a wonderfully versatile, flavored, and savory taste.

Characteristics of Premium Cherry Tomatoes


100% o.p.




20-35 mm


gr. 250-400



produzione ciliegino pomodoro
Pomodoro ciliegino grappolo

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