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large vine tomato

The large vine tomatoes plants are characterized by the good regularity of the clusters and fruits of great flavor.
Each vine is formed of 5-6 fruits  with an elegant visual appearance thanks to their uniformity in shape and size. The weight of one fruit is around 90-120 grams.
Intended for cluster harvesting, the tomatoes have an intense red color, excellent taste and are highly resistant to cracking.
Its hold remains excellent in the post-harvest phase, demonstrating an excellent shelf-life.

Fruits with a deep red color and rich in lycopene form a regular and consistent cluster, known for its good post-harvest shelf life and resistance to handling. After 5 days of storage at about 20 °, the tomatoes show no signs of falling and its organoleptic qualities are preserved well. The sweetness of the fruit and the color intensify.

Large vine tomatoes characteristics


100% o.p.




47-67 mm


gr. 400-600



Pomodoro Grappolo
Produzione Pomodoro Grappolo

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