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Conventional cherry tomatoes

Our conventional cherry tomatoes lead to rediscovering the flavor and texture of the classic Italian tomato grown in Sicily!
The clusters are long, regular, with homogeneous fruits, arranged in the shape of a herringbone. The fruits are of an intense red color and the taste is great.
These classic tomatoes have a crunchy pulp, little subject to cracking and an excellent post-harvest shelf life.

Intense olfactory profile with sweet and fragrant notes of ripe tomato. Very fibrous structure, strong and crunchy.
After 5 days of storage at about 20°, the conditions of the tomatoes do not show greater variations than those of arrival. The cluster is perfectly preserved and fresh. Excellent shelf-life.

Standard Cherry Tomatoes characteristics


100% o.p.




20-35 mm


gr. 300-1000


all year round

Produttore Pomodori Sicilia
cherry tomatoes punnet

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