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The baby plum tomatoes are distinctive for their oval shape, sweetness and crunchiness. This typology of tomato  responds very well to the current market demand, satisfying both visual and taste requirements.
We grow the baby plum tomatoes in substrate and in soil and pack them either on the vine or loose. The weight of each fruit is about 15-20 grams and have a prolonged shelf life, if stored in good condition.
The bright red fruits are juicy, crunchy and have a particular flavor, enchanting on the palate, which makes them perfect for sauces, bruschetta, and snacks.

After 5 days of storage at about 20°, the product is in excellent condition. The red color of the fruits becomes more mature and the tomato aroma intensifies.

Baby Plum Tomatoes characteristics


100% o.p.




20-30 mm


gr. 250-300



Pomodori Datterino Grappolo Sicilia
Produttore Datterino Sicilia

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